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The 7 Powers of success™ Personal Development programme is a powerful 6-days luxury yoga retreat where you’ll master the latest, proven, science-based system for inner peace, life achievement and personal and professional success.


What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?

Today we know more about the human being than ever in the history of our species. Actually, latest neuroscience research is discovering exactly how we create our experiences and which patterns operate our lives. Learn to become the true director of your mind and empower yourself for creating a life you desire.

This is the time for your breakthrough change. Imagine, if you could really create the life you dream of, what would you dare to dream? What kind of life would you consider worth living?

So, what “more” are you exactly dreaming of?

Have you thought about what you really want from life—whether or not you’ve been able to achieve and create it yet? Do you want to:

During the 6 days retreat you will discover a new world of possibilities, a deeper understanding of your being and reach a whole new level of personal leadership, and true inner peace.


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  • The advantages of yoga for your physical and mental well-being

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  • How yoga retreats can invigorate your yoga practice 


Packed With Awesome Features

  • 3 Intensive 7 Powers Workshops A Day
  • Daily Vegetarian Brunch & Dinner
  • Fruit & Tea In The Morning
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Use Of Private Pool
  • Use Of Private Sauna
  • Daily Meditation
  • Twice Daily Yoga Classes

Stunning Locations


Translate Your Vision Into Action

Reach your dreams with breakthrough action!

The 7 Powers To Breakthrough Success is an extraordinary opportunity to reinvent yourself and your life. Over just 6 days, Adrian and Grace will help you understand your deepest desires, develop a transformational vision of yourself and your life, set clear, specific goals and align them with your purpose, and give you the most practical tools, strategies and confidence to start creating the life of your dreams.

You’ll walk out from our luxury yoga retreats with a feeling of new inner strength and freedom, with a clear, laser-focused mind, bursting with energy, filled with compassion, love and peace of mind, armed with a detailed plan of what to do each step of the way. If you’re ready to unleash your full potential … dream bigger than you ever have before … and finally discover how to achieve any goal, join Adrian the 7 Powers To Breakthrough Success.


Uniqueness Of The Programme

Enjoy the benefits of ancient yoga and apply the latest neuroscience discoveries about life success. 

1. Neuroscience.The programme is based on both latest research and discoveries about how our brain generates our realities and directs behaviour, but also ancient yoga wisdom and practices. This unique combination enables transformational learning experiences which bring dramatic positive and lasting changes in the way we think about ourselves and our life, but also how we operate our daily lives.

2. Second-order cybernetics.. The programme provides a clear understanding of the changer – of ourselves. Our brain is an ontological engine and effective change has to start with developing new and better mental models about how we create our reality, but also how we generate our own phenomenal self-concept, our identities, our values, beliefs and general models who we are. Experiencing oneself as the true creator of all our experiences is the starting point of deep change.

3. Practical tools for life- and work management. The programme provides latest best practices in life- and work management….

4. NLP techniques for personal change.

5. Yoga

Successful organisations like Google and Apple realise the untapped potential of their highly qualified management team and are therefore placing their management and staff through Yoga programmes. Why? Because Yoga helps reduces stress and improve physical and mental wellbeing, in turn helping you make better decisions, through improved focus, increased motivation & improved productivity.
Our 7 POWERS programme is a unique and powerful personal development programme. It is designed to maximise and unleash your potential in all aspects of life. The programme is aimed at both the corporate client and the individual. Many of our clients are executives attending along with their team of employees.


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Experience our revolutionary 7 Powers programme and unleash the power within. Allow us to help your business achieve better results. Increase Focus, Productivity & Motivation.



Our 7 Powers Yoga Retreats are situated in some amazing and stunning locations. These are hand picked to enable our clients to escape the every day mundane routine.



Yoga retreat Villas are all unique and are specifically chosen in ideal locations to give you a sense of calmness and tranquility. Ideally positioned with only a short walk to the Beach.



We at Luxury Yoga Retreats believe that it is important to give clients the best value for money product. Therefore we have structured our pricing plan to over deliver in terms of value.


Just Some Of Our Great Locations

Destinations To Clear The Mind


The 7 Powers Yoga Retreat is a unique opportunity to find both inner peace and a path to life success. Imagine a life full of passion, energy, freedom and success. Imagine that you, making the right choices, designed, crafted and created that life. Imagine that you find true peace of mind and a new level of wisdom in your life.



Enjoy the benefits of ancient yoga and apply the latest neuroscience discoveries about life success. The program is based on both latest research and discoveries about how our brain generates our realities and directs behaviour, but also ancient yoga wisdom and practices



Find deep inner peace, a bright vision for your life and a proven path to change and success. The 7 Powers Program is a Life Success Program which Unleashes Passion, Dissolves Stress, Changes Lives, Accelerates Careers, and Gives Deep Peace of Mind!



During these 6 Extraordinary Days, You will find New Power and Deep Wisdom to Attain the Exciting Life You Envision for Yourself! Join us if you are ready to wake up every day to a life that inspires and exhilarates you! Choose Now.
To your Breakthrough.



What People Are Saying About Us

I arrived sad, dispirited, tired and very fragile. By the time I left I was at peace with myself, hopeful and transformed.
Graphic Designer
Tina Siddall

I have found the yoga to be so much more conducive to healing than the physiotherapy at the hospital. I would recommend yoga to anyone with aches and pains – it is just fantastic. You guys are very welcoming and very kind.
Accounts Executive
Michael Davis


It has helped me in so many ways through life, none the least, opening my voice and giving it new breath and depth. And for me that’s always a proof for inner expansion. It is the perfect process for anyone wanting to give themselves a spiritual ‘spring clean’.
Personal Assistant
Michelle Franklin

Thank you for the Retreat I have never ever felt so calm & at peace & for the first time in 6 years of having ME I appear to have had no symptoms after spending time at the 7 Powers programme. Lets hope I can eventually find that Peace that can stay with me.
Joe Smith

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